Individual Therapy

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We all want happiness and contentment, but all of us encounter times in our lives when we are faced with certain challenges that make us feel stressed, anxious, depressed, angry or scared.  Getting support and insight from a trained counselor can help you understand more clearly what’s really happening and help you see new and healthier ways of relating to yourself and those around you. By identifying and overcoming your internal barriers, you will learn how to make better decisions, discover new opportunities, achieve your goals and feel more at peace.

In my practice, I work with children, teenagers, adults,  couples, and families.  Here is how I work:

Helping You in the Here and Now

Your problems affect you now and you want solutions now so I work in the present using a Solution-Focused approach. Your past will come up in the course of our conversations, but my focus is more on how to solve your problem as opposed to what factors caused you to have your problem.  I take a creative and down-to-earth approach that allows you to understand more clearly what motivates you and what constricts you.  As we identify these factors,  I will show you how to become more effective in coping with and overcoming the challenges that face you.  Life is really simple, yet we complicate it unnecessarily.  I will you help you reduce the “clutter” going on inside of you so you can truly learn how to enjoy life with friends and family and be more productive at work.

Valuing Your Uniqueness

My therapy approach is unique.  If you have ever been to the local diner, what we all love about it is that the menu, with a hundred or more dishes to consider,  is custom-made for our tastes.  We love things that are unique and customized for us.  We all have different wallpaper on our computer screens, we like different flavors of ice cream, and we own different makes, models and colors in the cars we drive.  Therapy is also a unique process.  Every human being desires the same basic things, to be loved and give love, be respected at work for their talents and skills, make enough money to live comfortably, to be healthy in mind and body. However, everyone has a unique set of personality traits, relationship history, family dynamics, and work settings they occupy. Therefore, every person who enters counseling deserves a customized approach to helping him or her become more resilient and happier in their day to day lives.  You are you.  In trying to solve your problems, you should not compare yourself to anyone else or look to copy them and what made them successful.  The goal of counseling is is for you to get to know yourself better.  In that process lies the growth and healing. 

Permanent and Lasting Changes

In counseling, everyone loves those “light bulb” moments, those flashes of insight, those “aha” moments.  Everything seems to come together.  You understand how your relationship and communication patterns affect your life.  These insights feel great.  However, insight needs to brought into practice. I will help you apply your self-knowledge and self-awareness in all areas of your life.  With the insights you have acquired, I will provide you with the strategies and skills to become a better parent, friend, co-worker and romantic partner.  You will come away with practical coping mechanisms to deal with the inevitable stress that will come your way.  You will no longer be paralyzed by anxiety,  depression, guilt,  fear, and anger as your self-awareness and coping skills will prevent these feelings from taking over your lives.  You will feel more flexible, hopeful, and resilient.

I help people with a variety of issues, and I have particular expertise in:




Social Phobia

Parenting Skills

Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling

Singles Coaching

Relationship Issues

Men’s Issues and Father Issues

Career and Life Transitions

Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

School Consultations

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Aspergers

Stress Management and Achieving Better Life Balance

Divorce and Blended Families


Garrett Coan is a therapist in private practice in Clifton, Northern New Jersey.  His therapy practice is accessible to residents of Bergen County, Essex County, and Passaic County. He also offers Skype counseling for those individuals who live at a distance from his office.  He can be reached through his website, or at 201-303-4303.


It's only fair to share...